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Blackjack Scratch Card

Playtech is a well-known online gambling software developer. Their games are secure, entertaining and can be extremely lucrative. They have developed a number of casinos online play slots, scratch cards and other games that players around the world know and love.

Online Scratch Cards

Online casino scratch card games have all of the anticipation and fun of scratch cards combined with being offered in a casino environment. These games have great graphics, sounds and feature high value jackpots. Playtech has developed a number of games of this scratch card variety including Easter Surprise Scratch, Kong Scratch, Santa Scratch and Iron Man 2 Scratch.

How to Play

In Blackjack Scratch Card, players have three different chances to beat the dealer. Players win by beating the dealer's hand. The card values must add up as close to 21 as possible without going over or busting. If a player's hand is better than the dealer's hand, they win.


Playtech has often been associated with high value jackpots on past online casino games that they have developed. Blackjack Scratch Card is no exception to this rule with a jackpot size of up to 100,000 being available. The amount of the jackpot and the player's win depends on the size of the player's bet. The higher the bet, the bigger the payout.

Blackjack Scratch Card offers players all of the fun and strategy of blackjack with a scratch card feel and jackpot. Playtech has scored another win with the development of this entertaining game for online casinos.


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