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With so many bingo sites coming up every now and then, it is quite obvious that players at times get confused regarding the genuineness of these bingo sites. Many of the sites are purely launched for conducting fraudulent activities while some are genuine.

Genuine sites like old timer site ,must attract new players by giving them something special and unique. Features which are not available in other sites should be their main selling point. Bingo Cams which have been launched recently is one of the few genuine sites which have offered something fresh to its customers.

Nowadays, all bingo sites create various kinds of promotional schemes and offers to attract new customers. These sites also create community pages and chat rooms for their members to interact which each other. While most of these features now days have become quite regular, bingo cams has taken the member interaction to an entire new level.

Bingo Cams have introduced webcams facility in which members can interact with each other face to face. This has made the site more genuine as site members now know who they are chatting with. Besides the above, if a member wins, they have an option to confirm about the money and the jackpot which is a great way to gain consumer confidence and trust.

In order to avoid uncivilized behavior, the site management has installed chat moderators in each of its chat rooms. These moderators are required to monitor each and every chat comments and often take action when the chat goes out of control. The site management also allows the player to communicate with the moderator face to face through their webcams. Players are free to ask any question regarding the game or any promotional event the site is currently running.

Bingo cams not only offer bonuses on sign ups, cash deposits and reloads, they also give cash prizes to the best live winning moment. In this moment a reaction of a winning member is posted across the site, the reaction with maximum number of votes is declared winner and receives a cash prize worth 15% of the total winning amount. Bingo Cams also offers a wide range of chat games which are played through their webcams.

The site offers its new members a sign up bonus of 5 pounds. Apart from this, the site gives a 200% bonus on their first deposit and subsequent deposits are given a 50% bonus on the amount reloaded. Bingo Cams is definitely a site worth trusting.


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